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Chosen from among the country’s largest and most esteemed enterprises, Kroger occupies a prominent market position. Engaged in food retail, wholesale distribution, and self-service retail formats, Kroger provides state-of-the-art and effective store infrastructure. You may have encountered one of its numerous outlets scattered across the nation. Kroger consistently invests in enhancing the skills of its workforce, underscoring its dedication to growth and substantial career prospects. Upholding principles of respect, appreciation, and acknowledgment for its employees, customers, and suppliers, Kroger stands as a leader in its industry due to its outstanding performance.


This article will acquaint you with the various positions available within the company and guide you through the step-by-step process of freely submitting your resume. Numerous employment opportunities await at one of the largest retail networks in the nation. Kroger, a colossal supermarket chain, is actively seeking individuals to join its workforce. The available positions at Kroger cater to both interns and professionals holding higher education qualifications, with exclusive opportunities for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs).

Job Openings and Their Responsibilities

It’s crucial for you to be aware of the job opportunities available near you. Even if there isn’t a unit already built, rest assured that Kroger’s plan is to soon expand its operations to more locations across the country. Another interesting detail is that many people have the desire to relocate but first seek employment in a specific region. Is this your case? If so, take a look at the special list we’ve prepared to assist you in the quest to find the job of your dreams and enhance your financial life:


Butcher Assistant – Responsibilities:

  • Organize and prepare counters, equipment, and preparation room.
  • Package and price products for display.
  • Provide customer service at the counter.
  • Receive and store merchandise.

Compliance Analyst (Senior) – Responsibilities:

  • Develop controls and indicators for the Compliance program.
  • Create presentations and conduct training sessions.
  • Analyze risks related to ethics, integrity, corruption, image/reputation.
  • Analyze contracts, terms, agreements.
  • Prepare and review policies and procedures.
  • Map processes and risks in the area.
  • Monitor Compliance controls, among other activities.

Cafeteria Attendant – Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for customer service.
  • Execute order assembly.
  • Continuously check the quality and expiration date of products.
  • Dispose of expired goods under the supervision of the supervisor.

HR Assistant – Responsibilities:

  • Monitor all HR processes in the stores.
  • Listen to and guide employees, supporting the manager and HR chief in store demands.
  • Handle electronic timekeeping.
  • Support in hirings, dismissals, vacation processing.
  • Request benefits for employees.
  • Support in the store’s job recruitment process.
  • Assist in conducting orientations.
  • Support in organizing activities on special occasions.
  • Manage uniform and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) control.

Buyer (Senior) – Responsibilities:

  • Conduct negotiation and purchasing processes for the product category within defined authority and premises set by Commercial Management/Directorate.
  • Plan the purchase actions for the category based on the quarterly Marketing plan and identified business opportunities to ensure goal achievement.
  • Analyze sales history, practiced price studies, competition positioning, market share percentage, product turnover, among other indicators.
  • Conduct the purchasing process based on the analysis of reports, such as product behavior, practiced price, store space, distribution center capacity, stock level, or as per business opportunities in line with economic and market trends.
  • Develop new suppliers.
  • Suggest changes to the product mix (inclusion or exclusion of goods).
  • Establish the price of goods in the category based on unit value, volume, profit margin, previous history.
  • Monitor daily sales evolution, comparing actual vs. budgeted to define commercial strategies to ensure goal achievement.
  • Develop new business opportunities.

Bagger – Responsibilities:

  • Bag products purchased by customers, taking care to separate foods (hygiene, bazaar, cleaning, food, etc.) to avoid contamination.
  • Collect carts scattered in the store’s indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Collect products left by customers, organize them in the appropriate locations to avoid losses.

Loss Prevention Officer – Responsibilities:

  • Execute daily internal and external patrol routines.
  • Identify vulnerability points to deter thefts, samplings, and merchandise damage.
  • Identify non-conformities related to pallets.
  • Monitor and conduct the check and re-check of received or dispatched goods, especially high-risk products (PAR).
  • Ensure the accuracy of data recorded on invoices vs. physical products.
  • Monitor CD operations through CCTV.
  • Monitor the transfer process between the store and the CD and inventories.
  • Prepare occurrence reports.
  • Conduct employee searches as per internal procedures.
  • Analyze and record violations of norms.

Cashier Operator – Responsibilities:

  • Operate cash registers, receiving products sold in the establishment.
  • Register products.
  • Receive payment for purchases.
  • Request the presence of the cash supervisor for excess cash handover.
  • Close the cash flow at the end of the shift.

Incorporating Persons with Disabilities (PWDs):

Kroger reaffirms its dedication to inclusivity by providing specific opportunities tailored for People with Disabilities (PWDs). Recognizing the fundamental importance of diversity, the company actively integrates individuals with disabilities into its workforce. These designated roles exemplify a tangible commitment to establishing work environments that are not only inclusive but also accessible. By offering opportunities to PWDs, Kroger not only advocates for equality but also acknowledges the valuable skills and contributions these professionals bring to the team.

The company underscores that its doors are wide open to welcoming a diverse range of talents, ensuring a workplace characterized by warmth and respect. This initiative goes beyond mere fulfillment of quotas; it reflects Kroger’s genuine dedication to constructing a workforce that mirrors the richness of diversity. In creating an inclusive space, the company not only fortifies its team but also contributes positively to the community in which it operates. The introduction of these positions for PWDs represents a significant stride toward establishing a more equitable and compassionate work environment.

Applying to Kroger:

If any of the opportunities presented have captured your interest, it’s time to take a proactive step toward securing a position at Kroger. The initial step involves crafting a well-prepared resume that highlights your pertinent skills and experiences. Navigate to the company’s LinkedIn page to explore all available positions in an organized and comprehensive manner.

On the page, you’ll discover a detailed listing of currently available positions. Select the one that aligns most closely with your professional aspirations and click on the “Apply” button to initiate the application process. This step is pivotal in showcasing your enthusiasm for the desired position.

It’s essential to bear in mind that the number of available positions may fluctuate at any time, without prior notice, depending on the pace of new hires. Therefore, staying vigilant regarding the communication channels you provided during registration is crucial for potential contacts from the company. Seize the opportunity and stay attuned to the company’s announcements; do not miss out.

Remaining informed about the various stages of the selection process is vital to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to distinguish yourself as a candidate. We extend our best wishes for success in your application! Seize this chance to exhibit your full potential and secure a position at Kroger. Be proactive and prepared for any challenges that may arise during the selection process. Your success is our utmost priority!

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