Elevate Your Career with Lidl – Exciting Job Awaits You!

The week begins with fantastic news for those on the lookout for employment opportunities. Lidl supermarkets are actively recruiting, providing a chance to become part of a vast, dynamic, and highly competitive team dedicated to continuous improvement for the daily satisfaction of our customers. With over 17,500 employees, Lidl’s greatest triumph lies in their commitment and dedication, serving as the cornerstone of their success. Lidl proudly holds the prestigious TOP Employer seal, recognizing it as one of the most attractive companies to work for. Seize the opportunity to work with us and become a valuable part of the team!


Lidl in Expansion

“Our distinctiveness makes us remarkable, defining #BeingLidl as refined, efficient, and responsible. It signifies daily dedication to facing challenges, being proactive, and maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit. Our relentless focus on the efficiency of all processes, coupled with sharp cost awareness, guides us in every action. We act responsibly towards the environment and foster social trust.


This differentiation is evident not only to us but to everyone around us. That’s why we’ve been recognized as one of the best companies to work for and are the sole retailer to receive the Top Employer certification from the Top Employer Institute. Our employees are among the most crucial pillars, and this recognition reflects our continuous commitment to the growth, development, progression, and training of our team of over 8,200 professionals. At Lidl, a world of opportunities unfolds, whether in our stores, logistics centers, or offices. As part of the German Schwarz Group, a global market leader, we are present in 32 countries, with over 11,500 stores and 200 distribution centers.”

We Want Your Talent

Lidl aims to keep talent close, believing in teamwork, new challenges, and opportunities. We want to hire you so you can see, hear, and feel what it means to be part of the Lidl family. The company wants to give you the chance to develop personally and professionally in an international work environment, surrounded by people who will provide you with many experiences.


Jobs at Lidl

If you’re interested in joining this team, check out our professional opportunities below. Logistics is a daily activity for Lidl, as logistics platforms operate 24 hours a day with precision. We work quickly and collaboratively to ensure the store’s products meet customer time and quality commitments. As part of the Lidl team, you’ll work in many logistics platforms, receiving training, support, and developing your career in the dynamic environment of distribution centers.

Your Tasks

As a Warehouse/Maintenance Associate at Lidl, your main responsibilities will include:

  • Storing merchandise in designated areas and monitoring it.
  • Immediately informing your supervisor of possible security failures or the need for repair of tools and warehouse technical facilities.
  • Managing warehouse control systems, understanding the interaction, optimizing material flow, and analyzing performance indices.
  • Controlling and ensuring the quality and suitability of transport units entered into the automated system.
  • Actively performing control, optimization, maintenance, and cleanliness management of the automated system.
  • Managing incidents at the process, system, and mechanical levels.
  • Managing/coordinating and understanding the processes of the automatic system, goods in/out, and internal processes.
  • Stacking and removing pallets.
  • Managing the orders of the preparers.
  • Rotating schedule.
  • Supporting warehouse inventories.

Your Profile

  • Mandatory Secondary Education.
  • Availability to work in shifts.
  • Motivation, flexibility, and ability to work in a team.
  • Forklift certificate.
  • Previous experience in similar roles is valued, along with a strong desire to be part of our great family.

What We Offer

  • We provide theoretical-practical training tailored to your position to help you face every challenge successfully.
  • We ensure that the selection process is based on objective criteria from the start. Our concern to eliminate gender disparity and any other form of discrimination extends to our salary policy, where the principle of equal pay for equal roles prevails.
  • A five-day workweek instead of six, continuous schedule, and 6 quality weekends per year for better work-life balance.

For years, we’ve ensured that every minute worked at Lidl is recorded and compensated. And a team like you’ve never imagined. We don’t just say it; we’ve been awarded the TOP Employer certification for the fifth consecutive year, recognizing Lidl as one of the best companies to work for. Join us and make a difference! Want to be part of a growing company and team? Then enlist! Go to Indeed and search for “Lidl.” You’ll be directed to the company page, where you can view all currently open positions. Choose the desired position and click the “Apply Now” button to start your application. Good luck!

Source: Indeed