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Target, the prestigious supermarket chain, is actively promoting a range of job opportunities within its team. Discover the step-by-step process to submit your updated resume for these positions and secure your place within our dynamic workforce. Joining Target means integrating into a company dedicated to reshaping commerce responsibly. Placing the human element at the core of our actions, we strive to enhance the quality of life for everyone. Our values—trust, openness, and excellence—serve as guiding principles, illustrating our commitment to conducting our profession with integrity and proximity to our employees and customers.


At Target, we offer a meaningful profession, close management, shared responsibilities, and a pathway to progress among our 400 job roles. Hesitant due to lack of experience in this sector? Fret not! Training is embedded in our DNA. With our Training Academy, we are devoted to supporting each employee to go further through various training programs, manager coaching, daily learning, and annual performance reviews. The landscape of large-scale distribution, designed to make products accessible to a wide audience, is transforming. Target is adapting through the “Target 2024” project, aiming to profoundly reshape its offering and historical model.

As a Fortune 50 company with more than 350,000 team members globally, Target is an iconic brand and one of America’s leading retailers. Being part of Target means the chance to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. Nurturing our communities is woven into our identity, and we invest in the places we collectively live, work, and play. We prioritize relationships, fuel and develop talent by creating growth opportunities, and thrive as one Target team. At our core, our purpose is ingrained in who we are, what we esteem, and how we operate. It’s how we nurture, grow, and win together.


Service Associate

In this position, each day presents unique challenges and opportunities. Your routine may vary, but a standard day typically involves embodying a service-oriented culture that prioritizes the guest experience by upholding service standards. Craft a warm and inviting atmosphere by offering authentic greetings to every guest. Pay attention to cues, both verbal and non-verbal, to discern whether a guest requires assistance or seeks engagement. Establish genuine connections by interacting with guests, and asking insightful questions to better understand their individual needs. Acquire comprehensive knowledge about the array of tools, products, and services available throughout the store, tailoring solutions to enhance the guest’s experience. Conclude each interaction with sincere appreciation, letting the guest know that their decision to choose Target is valued.

Fruits and Vegetables Operator

Attend to customers and weigh products when necessary, actively and continually listening to the customer. Ensure proper storage, replenishment, marking, traceability, freshness control, and qualitative verification of products. Regularly replenish products, adhering to safety and hygiene standards in your work area, following defined norms and procedures. Check prices, appearance, and expiration dates of products. Organize the warehouse, particularly the refrigerated chambers. Responsible for cleaning and proper arrangement of your workplace. Availability for taking shifts is also appreciated.

Meats Cutter

Check existing stocks, ensuring timely communication of orders to be made, and effectively manage inventory levels; Perform precise cutting of meats according to defined standards, including appropriate packaging, replenishment, and inventory documentation; Uphold the highest standards of quality and freshness for all meat products, ensuring their safety, hygiene, and adherence to validity dates; Attend to and proactively meet customer needs, providing expert guidance and information on meat products; Maintain a clean and organized work environment, following all safety and hygiene protocols for meat-cutting processes; Collaborate with team members to optimize workflow and contribute to the overall success of the meat department.


Front of Store Attendant

They are responsible for the guests’ experience, who warmly welcome, express gratitude, and go beyond guest service expectations through a dedicated focus on guest interaction and recovery. Advocates for both in-store and digital services and solutions, well-versed in the capabilities and features that drive adoption, and usage, and ultimately foster guest loyalty. Empowered to ensure a hassle-free and seamless shopping experience for guests at various touchpoints, including check lanes, guest services, gift registry, pick-up, and drive-up. At Target, we are committed to providing our team members with meaningful experiences that contribute to their skill-building and career development.

Hypermarket Operator

Act as the primary point of interaction for customers within the store, extending a welcoming demeanor characterized by attentiveness, authenticity, and enthusiasm. Display proactive engagement and uphold service quality to promote effective and efficient customer experiences, actively endorsing the use of digital solutions for customer convenience. Engage in attentive communication with customers, aiming to fulfill their needs by offering ideas, tips, or solutions when required. Possess comprehensive knowledge of the market or service area, while also providing support and guidance on products or services throughout the store. Foster a trustworthy relationship with customers to enhance their loyalty to the company.

How to Apply

The company looks for team members who can demonstrate proactivity, dynamism, and commitment to the customer; Willingness to showcase their growth potential; and are available for rotating schedules. On the other hand, Target offers stability in a Group whose values are: Trust, Openness, and Excellence; Integration into a company Certified in Social Responsibility; and career prospects. Explore what it’s like to work in retail at Target, where the customer takes center stage, but our teams deserve the highest praise. Contribute to making a difference and build your career with us. We want to get to know you!

If you’re in search of employment opportunities at Target, a company renowned for its diverse product offerings, and values the adaptability of its workforce, you’re in the right place. The roles entail a spectrum of responsibilities including receiving, storage, packaging, replenishment, product display, store inventory management, and the preservation and upkeep of the designated space. To initiate the application process, submit your updated resume through the official website, where lots of job vacancies await. Target provides a distinctive entry point into the job market, emphasizing a commitment to the excellence and welfare of its employees.

Source: Target Careers, Indeed