Become a crew member: current job openings at Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet, a budget-friendly chain renowned for its substantial discounts, proudly marks the inauguration of its 400th location in late June. Devotees of economical shopping will be pleased to know that Grocery Outlet’s expansion journey is far from over, with plans to unveil numerous new stores. This initiative aligns with the company’s ambitious 10%-a-year growth strategy, aiming to introduce approximately 35 new locations annually. If you take a look into what makes this brand a huge success, and maybe start working as a member of this team, we might have some useful information for you!


In a statement, Grocery Outlet’s CEO Eric Lindberg expressed immense pride in commemorating the opening of their latest stores, a significant milestone achieved over 75 years. As of June 2021, the company was inaugurating its 400th store, to which he emphasized the brand’s commitment to the core value of “touching lives for the better.” Lindberg highlighted that Grocery Outlet has become an integral part of 400 communities across the U.S., contributing to local economies and supporting entrepreneurs within each community. When patrons choose to shop at a Grocery Outlet store, they are not just making a purchase; they are actively participating in local commerce and aiding the growth of businesses in their own neighborhoods.


Founded with a vision of providing cost-conscious shoppers with access to significant discounts, Grocery Outlet started its journey several decades ago. The exact founding year may vary by region, but the company’s commitment to offering customers substantial savings on quality products has remained consistent since its inception. The unique business model, emphasizing direct relationships with suppliers and a no-frills shopping experience, has contributed to Grocery Outlet’s enduring popularity. As of today, Grocery Outlet has established a robust presence with numerous locations strategically spread across various regions.


In addition, customers can typically find Grocery Outlet stores in diverse communities across the United States. This widespread availability ensures that the brand’s commitment to affordable shopping reaches a broad and diverse audience, positively impacting local economies. Working at Grocery Outlet offers employees a dynamic and fast-paced environment where they can expect to be a part of a company with a rich history of delivering savings to its customers. Team members can anticipate a collaborative atmosphere where their contributions are valued, and the unique business approach fosters a sense of purpose.

Additionally, employees may find satisfaction in knowing that they are actively contributing to their local communities by providing affordable options to shoppers and supporting entrepreneurs in the regions where Grocery Outlet operates. The company is dedicated to fostering a positive and supportive work environment for its team members, and this commitment extends to a comprehensive benefits package. Employees at Grocery Outlet can enjoy a range of benefits that contribute to their overall well-being and job satisfaction. The company typically provides health insurance coverage, including medical, dental, and vision plans, ensuring that team members access essential healthcare services.

In addition to health coverage, Grocery Outlet often offers retirement plans, demonstrating a commitment to the long-term financial well-being of its employees. This includes options like 401(k) plans, helping team members plan for a secure and comfortable future. The company may also provide various wellness programs to support the holistic health of its workforce, recognizing the importance of a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Working at Grocery Outlet not only offers the opportunity to be part of a thriving and expanding company but also provides tangible benefits that contribute to the overall quality of life for team members. Some of the current openings are:

Cashiers: these team members are integral to the daily functioning of a retail environment, where their responsibilities revolve around customer interactions and ensuring the smooth operation of point-of-sale transactions. In this role, they handle diverse tasks tailored to the specific characteristics of the retail setting, product offerings, and team dynamics. Key duties encompass processing sales transactions, accepting payments, calculating product costs, and providing change for cash transactions. Cashiers actively engage with customers, addressing inquiries, and offering recommendations.

Delivery clerks: In essence, delivery clerks are entrusted with tasks such as coordinating the shipment and receipt of goods, ensuring accurate order fulfillment, and maintaining inventory records. They collaborate with team members to organize and prioritize deliveries, making certain that products reach their intended destinations promptly. Additionally, Delivery Clerks may be involved in inspecting incoming shipments, verifying the accuracy of orders, and recording any discrepancies. Their role extends to maintaining a systematic and organized storage area, tracking inventory levels, and coordinating with other departments to facilitate smooth delivery processes.

Store clerk: a proficient Store Clerk is adept at performing a diverse array of duties and responsibilities, all aimed at ensuring a superior shopping experience for customers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated through attentive service, addressing client needs, and providing information about the store’s products. Key responsibilities include receiving customers warmly and aiding them in selecting merchandise, actively engaging and monitoring customers to enhance loss prevention measures, and strategically displaying and organizing products for easy customer access. Store Clerks play a vital role in facilitating billing and payment processes at the store counter, effectively communicating essential details such as product availability, nutritional information, and ingredients.

The comprehensive benefits package reflects Grocery Outlet’s dedication to supporting its employees both professionally and personally, fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture. Every Grocery Outlet store operates independently, functioning as an autonomous employer. To pursue employment opportunities, you should directly submit your application to the specific store of your choice. Simply select the store where you wish to apply and enter your details. Your information will then be transmitted to the respective store owner for consideration.

Source: Grocery Outlet, Indeed