Be a part of Lidl’s team: competitive pay and great benefits

Lidl, with a global presence in 32 countries and approximately 11,550 stores, boasts a workforce exceeding 341,000 employees. Renowned for delivering unparalleled value, Lidl provides customers with top-tier fresh produce, meat, bakery items, and an extensive range of household products, all offered at remarkably affordable prices. The U.S. headquarters, established in Arlington County, Virginia, in June 2015, serves as the epicenter for Lidl’s operations. Presently, Lidl’s award-winning products grace the shelves of over 150 stores spread across nine East Coast states. Check out the latest opportunities to work at Lidl!


With a history spanning over forty years, Lidl has revolutionized communities across 32 countries, operating a network of thousands of stores and employing a huge amount of team members. In 2017, Lidl introduced its distinctive approach to the U.S., unveiling the first stores in Virginia and the Carolinas. Within three years, Lidl achieved remarkable success, garnering over 500 awards for its unique products and shopping experience. Notably, it secured a spot as a Top 3 U.S. supermarket according to Food & Wine Magazine. Presently, Lidl’s U.S. footprint extends to over 150 stores across 9 East Coast states, boasting a team of more than 5,000 dedicated members. 

As the journey continues, Lidl US invites individuals to be part of a transformative experience, offering diverse career opportunities and unwavering support for personal and professional growth. Those seeking a fresh, new, and exciting venture are encouraged to explore the array of open job opportunities with Lidl US. Being part of Lidl US entails becoming a member of a substantial global entity, recognized as one of Europe’s largest retailers. While relatively new to the U.S., Lidl brings decades of experience from around the world. This presents a unique opportunity to build its own brand and reputation in the American market, fostering connections not only with customers but also with its valued workforce.


With a commitment to becoming an Employer of Choice in the U.S., Lidl US is dedicated to providing its employees with distinctive, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities that stand out in the job market. The organizational culture reflects a harmonious blend of drive, ambition, and a supportive, team-oriented approach, recognizing and appreciating the contributions of every employee to the collaborative, caring, and socially responsible workplace. Whether individuals aspire to excel as part of a team or aim to grow into leadership positions, Lidl US stands firm in supporting their endeavors and creating opportunities for career development, irrespective of the chosen path.

Store Supervisor

Supervisors at Lidl US play a crucial role in ensuring that store teams provide customers with the renowned shopping experience Lidl is known for across over 30 countries. Successful Supervisors are quick learners with inherent efficiency, demonstrating a natural inclination to “work smarter, not harder.” They adeptly handle multitasking and seamlessly transition between supervisory and operational responsibilities. Eager to learn and excel in their current role, these individuals are deeply passionate about Lidl’s core business—providing customers with high-quality, low-price, and hassle-free shopping.

In their capacity as shift leads on the sales floor, Supervisors guide and provide feedback to operational teams comprising 2–10 associates. They cultivate an environment where colleagues can perform at their best, offering hands-on support for various operational tasks, including cash management, working stock, cleaning, and other essential store functions. Upholding Lidl’s standards for freshness, cleanliness, and availability is paramount in all areas of the store, including the bakery, produce section, and weekly promotional setup. Supervisors ensure and deliver excellent customer service throughout the store.


Store Associate

Store Associates at Lidl US play a vital role in delivering the renowned shopping experience that Lidl is celebrated for across 30 countries. In their multifaceted positions, Store Associates go beyond traditional stocker or cashier roles, actively participating in all aspects of store operations. This includes tasks such as stocking, cleaning, overseeing bakery operations, handling non-food merchandising, and more. Thriving in a fast-paced environment, successful Store Associates embrace diverse approaches to doing business and recognize the significance of open communication and feedback for professional development. Their passion lies in Lidl’s core business—offering customers high-quality, low-price, and hassle-free shopping.

Unpacking stock swiftly upon delivery to maintain efficient operations, providing exceptional customer service not only at the registers but also throughout the store by assisting customers with queries and locating items, ensuring cleanliness and organization across the entire store throughout the shift, and expanding knowledge of the business by learning and executing tasks in diverse areas such as the bakery, produce section, and weekly promotional set-up are some of the key responsibilities that Store Associates handle with a collaborative team spirit, fostering clear communication with management and colleagues to complete tasks.

Lidl recognizes that for its employees to perform at their best, they must be at their best. With this understanding, the company offers one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the industry, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of its workforce. All Lidl employees, regardless of hourly status, enjoy a range of valuable benefits. This includes providing financial stability and recognition for their contributions. The comprehensive health package includes medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage, ensuring employees have access to essential healthcare services. Lidl also values the importance of work-life balance and offers Paid Time Off (PTO), allowing employees to use their leave for sickness or vacation. Additionally, the company provides dedicated training plans to equip employees with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their roles.

In fostering a culture of Diversity and Inclusion, Lidl US recognizes that it is a collective responsibility shared by every individual within the organization, rather than being solely reliant on one person’s initiative. The company actively encourages each team member to contribute their unique ideas, talents, and enthusiasm to contribute to Lidl’s overall success. Lidl US is committed to an ongoing diversity and inclusion journey, having strengthened its training programs in this area. Currently, the organization is in the pilot phase of its employee resource groups and conducts company-wide culture surveys. In addition to these efforts, Lidl US remains steadfast in its commitment to corporate social responsibility and initiatives promoting supplier diversity. Prospective candidates are invited to be a part of something big with Lidl US!

Source: Indeed, Lidl Careers