Aldi Australia announces over 295 job vacancies

Picture this: in the year 2203, the renowned international supermarket chain, Aldi, made its grand entrance into the Australian market. Fast forward to today, and Aldi has seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of Australians, emerging as one of the nation’s fastest-growing retailers. With a staggering 450+ locations, encompassing both distribution centers and stores, Aldi offers you the chance to be part of its incredible journey.


Aldi’s footprint stretches far and wide across the Australian landscape. With over 10,000 dedicated team members working in distribution centers, offices, and stores, Aldi Australia has firmly established itself as a major employer. And the ambition doesn’t stop here; Aldi is committed to expanding its reach further, creating more opportunities for the Australian workforce.

In a relatively short span of just two decades, Aldi has risen to become one of Australia’s top ten retailers. It’s not just about numbers; Aldi has left an indelible mark on pricing strategies, promoting the consumption of private-label products, and spearheading various groundbreaking market initiatives.

Join the Aldi Team Today!

Imagine being part of this remarkable success story! By applying for one of the nearly 300 job openings at Aldi Australia today, you’ll be joining a company that received prestigious accolades in 2016 alone, including Supermarket of the Year, Retailer of the Year, and Most Satisfied Customers for Supermarkets in Australia.


Aldi attributes its incredible success to the collaborative efforts of its team, all united in upholding the highest standards in products and services. Every Aldi employee plays a vital role in making the company a retail leader. If you’re seeking a job that’s both stimulating and fulfilling, Aldi is your perfect destination.

Furthermore, Aldi is on the lookout for individuals who share its vision: offering Australians a chance to live better lives for less. Access to high-quality everyday groceries at the lowest possible prices is at the heart of this vision. Aldi provides customers with a smarter way to shop, including a range of exclusively branded, top-quality products at competitive prices.

More about ALDI

Aldi, depicted as ALDI, represents the common corporate brand for two German multinational, family-owned discount supermarket chains that collectively manage an extensive network of over 10,000 stores spanning 20 nations. This thriving retail enterprise was established in 1946 by siblings Karl and Theo Albrecht when they took over their mother’s shop in Essen.


In 1960, the business experienced a split, resulting in the formation of two distinct entities: Aldi Nord, headquartered in Essen, and Aldi Süd, with its main office in Mülheim. In 1962, they introduced the name Aldi, a syllabic abbreviation derived from “Albrecht Diskont,”. In Germany, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd have operated with financial and legal autonomy since 1966, despite their names occasionally implying a unified entity, especially in relation to specific store brands or interactions with contractor firms. 

Aldi Nord’s official business name is Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Co., while Aldi Süd operates under the name ALDI SÜD Dienstleistungs-SE & Co. Although both entities function independently, they maintain contractual ties. In Germany, Aldi’s operations consist of 35 regional companies for Aldi Nord, with around 2,500 stores in the western, northern, and eastern regions, and 32 regional companies for Aldi Süd, operating 1,900 stores in the western and southern regions. 

Globally, Aldi Nord has a presence in Denmark, France, the Benelux countries, Portugal, Spain, and Poland, while Aldi Süd operates in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, China, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia. Significantly, both Aldi Nord (owner of Trader Joe’s) and Aldi Süd (as Aldi) also have a footprint in the United States, with a combined total of 1,600 stores as of 2017. The United States is the sole country where both Aldi entities operate beyond Germany. In a major development, on August 16, 2023, Aldi announced its definitive agreement to acquire Southeastern Grocers, a Jacksonville, Florida-based firm that possesses the Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarkets brands.

Quality Meets Affordability

Rest assured, all Aldi products undergo rigorous in-house and independent laboratory testing to maintain impeccable quality standards. By combining quality with affordability, Aldi remains at the pinnacle of the Australian retail landscape. And you can be part of this extraordinary team. Explore the prime job vacancies available across our network:

1. Retail Assistant: Your Gateway to a Thriving Career

As the most sought-after role at Aldi, you’ll be responsible for keeping shelves stocked, maintaining store standards, assisting customers professionally, operating tills, and much more.

2. Warehouse Checker: Elevate Your Career with Aldi

As a warehouse checker, your exceptional attention to detail will be put to the test. You’ll collaborate closely with your team, handle specification testing, and communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

3. Office Assistant: Where Excellence Meets Opportunity

This position demands excellence. You’ll multitask, operate in a dynamic team environment, and require superb organizational and communication skills. Prior experience is desirable but not mandatory.

Learn about the salary and benefits offered

The salary may vary depending on the specific role and type of employment. However, the company is committed to offering fair and competitive compensation to all employees, along with favorable working conditions, regardless of the area of employment. In addition to salary, various benefits are provided. The work schedule is six days a week, with one day off, and the hours are negotiable. Don’t miss the opportunity to apply today.

Working in a supermarket, like Aldi, provides an excellent opportunity to develop practical and transferable skills that are highly sought after in the job market. These skills include exceptional customer service, effective teamwork, strong organizational abilities, and adept time management. What’s more, these competencies are not only valuable within the supermarket context but also highly transferable to various other careers and industries.

To explore these and over 295 other job opportunities at Aldi today, visit and navigate to our company page. Here, you’ll find comprehensive information about Aldi, our diverse job openings, including requirements and compensation details. Join us at Aldi and become a vital part of our exciting journey towards a brighter future for all Australians!

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